Collaborating with the foremost Iranian artists and calligraphers

Our art commissions seamlessly weave together two distinctive Persian art forms: Persian calligraphy and Tazhib. Within this collaborative process, a calligrapher and Tazhib artists join forces to create the entire artwork. The calligrapher imparts the foundational text, while the Tazhib artists adorn the text with meticulous geometric patterns, elegant floral motifs, and exquisitely detailed miniature paintings, resulting in a harmonious masterpiece.

Our talented artists are skilled in various calligraphy styles, including Nastaliq, Shekasteh Nastaliq, and Siyah Mashq. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, we can create a masterpiece that aligns with your taste and vision.

To explore the world of Persian calligraphy and commission your own unique piece, contact us via:


Phone: (+1) 805-794-9045

Location: California- USA (we provide international shipping)

To initiate a Persian calligraphy art commission, please review the steps outlined below.

  • Choose the style of calligraphy, Nastaliq, Shekasteh Nastaliq, Siyah Mashq. Take a look at the images for a visual representation of each technique.
  • Share your preferred text with us, whether it's a name, poetic lines, or verses. If you find yourself in need of assistance in choosing the right words, we're happy to assist you and offer a selection of verses.
  • Fill out the commission sheet and email to to get your commission started.
  • Within the quoted price, your commissioned artwork includes the use of 100% cotton fine art paper, a specially crafted frame, and museum-quality glass for its preservation.
  • The pricing is determined by taking into account the artist's mastery, the size preference, and the level of intricacy in the Tazhib work.
  • Please review our Delivery Times Policy as well as Terms and Conditions.

Congratulations on adding to your art collection.

Delivery Times Policy

Limited Edition Wall Art:

  • Current standard delivery times are approximately 14 days. Some artworks can take 30 to 45 days to be delivered. Reproductions are printed per order, hand signs each piece, custom framing, quality control and packaging.

Original Wall Art:

  • Commissions take approximately 2-3 months to complete.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All commissions must be approved by Iranians Around the World (IAW).
  • Artists will paint in their own style and at their own discretion.
  • IAW reserves the right to refuse any and all art commissions at any time for any reason
  • There will be no refunds on any IAW commissions for any reason, unless the artist refuses commissions.
  • IAW retains the exclusive right to use photographs and print reproductions of all commissioned artwork for promotional, portfolio, and exhibition purposes, both in physical and digital formats, without additional compensation to the Client.


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