About Us

Iranians around the world (“IAW” or “we, our, us”) is a social platform to give Iranians (or Farsi speakers) an opportunity to build communities and work together to advance Iranians worldwide. Iranians will have opportunities to create their own blogs, to share their knowledge with others, to introduce their businesses (products and services), and to communicate with other Iranians globally. Our mission is to create an authentic, engaging, and informative social platform for Iranians helping them to thrive across countries. We hope you help us in our mission to build an authentic online community. We encourage you to post your experience, ask your questions, contribute unique insights and quality answers, share your knowledge with others, and participate in Iranians’ cultural and financial growth.

IAW is a non-religious and non-political organization, registered in California, USA. We are a team of Iranian-emigrant scientists and artists, putting our own time, effort, and money to this important cause dedicated to staying independent of any political parties and associations.

We believe that community is the ultimate key to growth, bringing together voices and expertise from across countries to improve Iranians’ lives and having a common dream of better life experiences for Iranians no matter where they live. We believe it’s necessary to have this kind of collaboration when we’re solving complex challenges that will impact people’s lives today and in the future. Together we will create the tools Iranians need to thrive.

These are a few areas that we are considering to focus on:

Supporting Iranian Emigrants:

Starting a new life in a foreign country can be challenging for many Iranian emigrants. From the language barrier to cultural differences and finding housing and healthcare, there are numerous obstacles to overcome. Through IAW, we aim to create a supportive community where Iranian immigrants can connect with others who have faced similar challenges and share their knowledge and experiences. Our platform will provide a central hub for Iranians to find information and resources to make their transition easier. For example, members can share tips on finding affordable housing, navigating healthcare systems, and adapting to cultural differences.

Empowering Iranian Artists:

The Iranian diaspora is a thriving community of talented artists who often encounter obstacles in gaining recognition and support for their creative work. At IAW, we are passionate about promoting the work of Iranian artists and providing them with the resources they need to succeed. Our platform showcases the incredible diversity of talents within the Iranian artistic community and helps to increase visibility and recognition for these talented individuals by connecting them with potential buyers and collaborators. Through our efforts, we aim to raise awareness about the essential role that art plays in our lives, and how it can inspire and enrich us in countless ways. We believe that a thriving artistic community is critical to fostering creativity and innovation and building a more culturally rich and diverse society for everyone. By promoting the work of Iranian artists and helping them to reach a wider audience, we are contributing to the growth and success of the global artistic community as a whole.

Promoting Scientific Literacy:

Science is critical for solving global challenges and improving people’ s lives. However, many Iranians face barriers to accessing quality scientific education and information. IAW aims to promote scientific literacy among Iranians by providing a platform for scholars and researchers to share their work in Farsi. By making scientific information accessible and comprehensible, we hope to empower Iranians with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to engage with science and contribute to its advancement. We believe that by enhancing science literacy, we can support the development of independent thinking, problem-solving abilities, and growth mindset which are crucial for personal and societal growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an authentic, engaging, and informative social platform for Iranians helping them to thrive across countries. We strive to increase awareness about the importance of art, science, and education in our financial and cultural growth.

Our Vision

We envision Iranians attaining financial freedom and building wealth as a result of better communication and educational opportunities that enable them to achieve their true potential at every level and in all aspects of life.

Our Values

We lead with empathy, act with integrity, experience growth through struggle, and learn through reflection.

If you have any questions about us, please contact us at support@iraniansaroundtheworld.com

Iranians around the world